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In-Home monitoring / TELECARE program offered by AAA Medical Group, monitoring of daily vital signs is designed to help providers match care with patient needs and reduce hospitalizations. It is offered at no additional cost to your patient.

Which patients are appropriate for referral?‚Äč

Medicare & Medicaid Dual-Eligible or Community HealthChoices (CHC) Enrolled patients.
Non-eligible patients: Medicaid only, institutionalized for 30 days or more, hospice, skilled nursing facility, understand to cognitively understand written or spoken questions.

How does the program work?

  1. The patient is provided with a medical scale, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter and other medical devices depending on patient condition.

  2. The health-check happens on daily basis where patient measure weight, blood pressure and additional measurements.

  3. Health-check data is automatically and securely transmitted from the patient’s medical device to AAA Medical Group’s HIPPA Compliant Solution.

  4. Medical professional reviews the data and outreaches to the patient as needed. Medical professional will contact the provider only if there is a concern.

How do patients benefit from this program?

This program offers daily health check monitoring solution. Patient learns how to take control of their health and learns when to contact their physician before condition worsens. This program offers:

  • Daily monitoring (weight, BP, glucose, oxygen level, etc.)
  • Better health self-management¬†
  • Early health issues identification
  • Healthier quality of life
  • Avoidance on unnecessary hospitalization
  • State wide tech support

To refer a patient, please complete form and fax to 215.690.5033 or email referrals to

Download referral form.